Established in 1996 Prismatics have been supplying Heat Light and fan units for bathrooms since 2000.  Based in West Cork we currently offer a range of bathroom heater light and fan units including Australian made Tastic Triumphs  and Neos and the affordable HLF4R 1100 watt unit.

Our bathroom heaters offer instant radiant heat at the flick of a switch.  Unlike other types of bathroom heats our HLF and Tastic units delivery radiant heat which heats the person directly.  You feel warm straightaway – there is no need to heat the air in the room.  As a result running costs are minimized as the heat is only turned on when needed.  No warm up period is required.  Typically the running costs for a HLF with all heat lamps on is less than 5 cent (based on 14 minutes daily usage).  Also all remote control models feature an auto off function which turns the heat lamps of if left on for over 35 minutes.


We supply to Ireland and the UK with a next day delivery service in Ireland for orders received before 11 am.

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